Our Dogs at Sliding S

Skye, Sharpie, Sage and Colt

The Australian Shepherd Breed

Pictured Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Skye, Sharpie, Sage and Colt.

At Sliding S Aussies we want our Australian Shepherd dogs to be easy to live with and have a strong working ability. Our dog's bloodlines are primarily Twin Oaks, Windsong, Sweetgrass and Slash V.

In addition to raising, training and trialing stockdogs we offer boarding, socialization and basic obedience services. Well socialized, our puppies are introduced to as much stimulation as possible during the time they are with us here on our farm in Idaho.

I like the "Old Style Aussie," a dog that is healthy with good structure, good movement, a good mind, and temperament.

Superdogs are Made, not Born

We believe in the "Superdogs are made, not born," theory and have had great success with this method of training. All of our dogs work here on the farm. Several have gone on to compete in ASCA® stockdog trials in the Pacific Northwest and Western United States. All our Aussie litters are ASCA® and AKC registered.


Sliding S Riding Shotgun “Benelli” - bred by Sliding S - Also called "Nelli" or "Nell" she is the youngest of our dogs, a character, active, very smart, and eager to learn.


WTCH Sliding S Right to Bear Arms OFTDs ATDMs RTDs DNA-VP“Colt” - bred by Sliding S, Colt is by HOF WTCH X Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye PATDs OFTDs DNA-CP and by HOF SDCH Black Bart II DNA-VP - Colt is the "main man" on the farm and the dog I choose to do chores. Once he knows the program nothing else needs to be said.


Sliding S Sharp Shooter STDs DNA-VP “Sharpie” - bred by Sliding S - Sharpie is by HOF WTCH X Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye PATDs OFTDs DNA-CP and by HOF SDCH Black Bart II DNA-VP - Kenny's dog for sure. Whether watching television or moving stock, they are always together.


WTCH Twin Oaks Painted Shiloh - “Shiloh” is by HOF WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf PATDcs RTDcs DNA-VP and out of HOF Twin Oaks II Iron Will. Shiloh won the Started buckle for the ‘Golden State Series’ in 2007 and qualified for Finals in Ducks in 2008. Shiloh is now retired and living in Wisconsin, on Lake with a great lady, Diane.


HOF WTCH X Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye PATDs AFTDs DNA-CP “Skye”. Skye is by HOF WTCH Andrew's Tycoon and out of HOF WTCH Sweetgrass Brie - Skye is in semi-retirement. 2018 will probably be her last year to trial on a limited basis as long as she is having fun.

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