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Sharpie on the farm with the pups.

Puppies Going Home

It's time for Pard X Sharpie pups to go to thier new homes. As bittersweet as it is, all the pups will have been exposed to as many things as possible, to best ready them for placement. Different surfaces, soiunds, animals and even little people, (children). This group is very confident and should do great in their new enviornments. They will be traveling to Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, and Southern California. And two pups will remain here in Idaho. As always, we look forward to seeing them all grow up.

A family dog, a working Aussie, a competitor

It is common for people to think that my puppies only go to working home farms, a ranch or a trialing home. However, I'm just as pleased to sell to homes that don't work them but will love and take care of them, and be part of the family. This group of pups are going to cattle and sheep farms and ranches, a possible MVA (Most Versatile Aussie) home, agility and stockdog competitors, and a home wanting a family dog that may or may not compete.

Sliding S Puppies - Pard X Sharpie, 2017