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Skye, ASCA® National Specialty, 2016

Mama Dog Skye in Albany, 2016

So, after all the Hoopla about Oakley and Sterling I'm going to take time to let ya'll know about how mama dog "Skye" with an "E" did in Albany. Skye entered finals in all 3 stock (cattle, sheep and ducks) but did not make the cut (top 15) for cattle. She did end up 4th in Ducks and 7th in Sheep.

Yesterday I received the spreadsheet on who placed where for the overall High Combined. I was as pleased as peach to see that Skye ended up 4th overall High Combined in the Finals even without the extra scores she would have received with her cattle runs. As she goes into semi retirement I could not be happier about this little blue dog as a producer, trial dog, chore dog and my best bud.

Did Colt really beat his Mama?

At the same time I was also proud of Colt. He was entered in the pre-trial and Nationals in sheep only. He is still learning how to drive and even though he beats his mama from time to time he needs a lot more experience in driving, especially those types of sheep. It was a great experience for him and once again he did beat his mama.

Looking forward to some good things from him down the road.

-- Susan Lawley Severns
Original Publication: Facebook, September 11, 2016

Event shots - ASCA® National Specialty, 2016